Alexander Laurenzo

  Travel through China  

In 1995 it was, for western citizens, already possible to travel through China on ones own . On the 20th of July I left Milano with two friends of mine, for a seven weeks journey. The trip was filled with adventures and improvisations.

None of us spoke a word Chinese. Over there, nobody spoke anything else than Chinese. Soon we understood, that the most difficult thing for us was, to get tickets for public transportation. The first task we had, when we came to a city or a village, was to find out how we could leave it again, some days later.

The beauty and the dimensions of the landscapes was what amazed us most deeply. Also the few temples that had not been destroyed by Mao's „Cultural Revolution“.

I hope, the silence I found in those places can be „heared“ in some of the pictures.

All the photographs had been taken with a Voigtländer Bessa from 1940. The uncoated Heliar-Lens creates a relatively soft, 6 by 9 cm negative, very sharp only in it's center. This is a small selection of ten photographs.

Some of the Transpersonal Portraits had been taken on this journey through China.