Alexander Laurenzo


San DiegoAlexander Laurenzo is born 1954 in Sanremo, Italy, from german-italian parents.

He grows up in Munich, Germany.

During school he starts to photograph, develop and print his pictures.

After school he studies Philosophy at the university of Munich, graduating with a Masters degree.
From 1980 onwards, his photographs are published in magazines and shown in galleries.

He moves to the US, where he studies Photography both at Brooks Institute, Santa Barbara, and at
Nathan Lyons' „Visual Workshops“ in Rochester, from 1982 to 1985.

Then he works in New York City as the studiomanager of „Carl Fischer Photography Incorporation“.

1986 Laurenzo moves back to Europe, where he works in Milano as a Fine-Art photographer, represented by the gallery „Diaframma“, and also as a commercial photographer, represented by the agent Hilary Bradford.

In 1997 he moves back to Munich.


1981 Produzentengalerie, München
1982 Fotohof, Salzburg
1983 Atelier Gaiser, Ulm
1983 WUK Fotogalerie, Vienna
1983 Fotozentrum Tirol, Innsbruck
1984 Le Ballon Rouge, Geneva
1985 Galerie Ethel, Paris
1986 Centro San Fedele, Milano
1992 Il Diaframma, Milano
1997 Biennale Internazionale della Fotografia, Torino
2001 Made to Measure, Month of Photography, London
2008 Galleria Marte, Arma di Taggia, Sanremo